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Garage doors have come a long way from being loud and squeaky!

Just 20 years ago, your options for garage doors were very limited. Now, there are many type of garage doors; from steel to aluminum to wooden garage doors. We have partnered with the best manufacturers in the city to ensure you get the safest and most efficient door for your home.
The most common doors that you would be familiar with are steel garage doors. Not only do we help install and repair steel garage doors, but we can assist you with high-end aluminum, glass and custom wood garage doors.
Our wooden garage door installations range from many options including cedar, mahogany, hemlock and walnut – just to name a few. If you’re on the market for a wooden garage door, the Clopay 5 layer Canyon Ridge is one of the best faux wood garage doors that you will find on the market and we can get it for you! We are the expert professionals at your service for both garage door repairs and new installations.
No matter your goals for a new or repaired garage door, we can assist by helping you choose the right look and material.

Type of Garage Doors

With the many styles available, we’re here to help you determine the best garage door style and materials for your home.

Glass & Aluminum Garage Doors
Wood Garage Doors
Steel Garage Doors
Flush & Frameless Glass Garage Door
5 Layer Insulated Composite
Overlay Garage Door
4 Layer Insulated
Overlay Garage Door

Choose Insulation & Construction

Garage door insulation is a topic often forgotten about when shopping for your perfect garage door. For example, glass & aluminum doors historically aren’t energy efficient but aesthetically – they look higher end and luxurious. Most insulated garage doors will range between 6 R-Value and 18 R-Value so when shopping, also take into consideration how insulated your garage walls are connected to your living space. Ever walk into to an extremely cold garage in the winter? The reason is poor insulation. All rooms parallel to the garage also see the affects of this too. Uninsulated garage doors encourage unpleasant hot/cold temperature protection as the seasons change.
Additionally, the construction of your garage door is imperative to be done correctly the first time. There are three primary types of construction for garage doors; the first two represent what we call “builder grade” and aren’t popular with our clients. These two options are 1 layer and 2 layer garage doors, also called “pan doors” and “vinyl back”. These doors are flimsy, cheap, and typically noisy. There is another option called a three-layer that is extremely popular. We call it a three-layer because it has steel on the front, insulation in the middle, and steel on the back. The insulation also provides additional integrity. Some homeowners don’t care about insulation but love the idea of having a strong, safe, and durable garage door. The three-layer garage door meets those standards. When choosing a three-layer door you can choose from various options depending on the manufacturer. When researching these options, you’ll also find a difference in the thickness of the doors. For example, it’s popular for manufacturers to make a 1 3/8″ and a 2″ thick garage door. Both can be made with polystyrene and polyurethane. Polystyrene is best known by styrofoam and typically ranges in R-Value from 6 – 9.5.
Every garage door we offer can be insulated. We can even provide insulated full view glass garage doors with urethane injected frames and insulated glass, or we can provide insulated custom wood garage doors. No matter your desire, we can probably make it happen.
One Layer Non Insulated
Two Layer Polystyrene Insulated
Three Layer Polystyrene Insulated

Garage Door Track

Many of our clients are unaware of the many options for garage door track. The track holds the door in place with the rollers. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to have a window that their garage door doesn’t clear or an entry door with a garage door that doesn’t clear. If you have high ceilings, we can take your garage door to the ceiling and then back. A few advantages to this would be opening your gate to your SUV without worrying that the gate will hit the door. We have a lot of car collectors do this for the installation of car lifts to stack cars. We offer low headroom, 10″ radius, 12″ radius, 15″ radius, 20″ radius, 32″ radius, and high lift track. No matter the specific needs of your garage opening, we can make it work seamlessly with your new garage door.

Garage Door Sizes

There really isn’t a standard size when it comes to garage doors in the Atlanta market. However, there are some popular options. For single-car garage doors, you’ll find 8×7, 8×8, 9×7, 9×8, 10×7, and 10×8. For double doors, you’ll find 16×7, 16×8, 18×7, and 18×8. It’s also not uncommon for us to do tiny doors like golf cart doors. We even do a lot of countertop glass doors in basements and kitchens and those are commonly 5×4 or 6×4. Do you have a unique opening for a garage door? Give us a call so we can make it happen!

Powder Coating

Many of our clients are particular and want a nice, clean look inside and out. We have options to powder coat the track, hardware, and angle iron. This provides a very clean interior look and feel. The parts that can be powder coated include hinges, track, springs, torsion tube, and operator bracket. We can even powder coat the inside of the garage door any color on the RAL chart.

Your garage door is an important part of your home, and it does you no good if it’s not working. JR Door Services will get you back on track whether you’re in need of a new installation or repairs. We’ll provide a professional diagnosis, and then we’ll get to work on a fast and affordable solution for you.